We love the nature and believe in its power to bring to us the best. This is the reason we have created BabyCarl sling to be completely natural - it not only allows skin to breathe freely, but it also is thermo regulating, antibacterial, doesn’t provoke allergies and gives UV protection in covered areas.

Having a baby is a very special time for every parent; you open a new chapter of life which changes you emotionally, comes with so many questions, worries and happiness. This time is cherishable when every smile, touch and interaction with your baby is irreplaceable and so necessary for his or her healthy development.

We are happy that with BabyCarl we can share this special time with you. BabyCarl offers high quality, unique, 100% natural baby carrying sling which is handmade with care for every detail ensuring top quality and comfort for you and your baby. BabyCarl Linen is probably the most natural and baby friendly baby carrier/ sling.

Did you know: BabyCarl is the only sling on the market having unique 3mm Linen padding and physiotherapist’s created structure for baby’s back support.

We’ve experienced how convenient baby wearing is and how much it benefits both of you.

  • LIMITED - each BabyCarl collection is made in limited amount to ensure exclusivity and be trendy;
  • UNIQUE - once per quarter unique product is created which is made only in one piece offering even more exclusivity.

To read more why to choose BabyCarl and what makes it special - click here.

And we have also created a product line to enhance a healthy baby’s development through 100% natural products providingenvironment for healthy sleep. Our customers most loved product from this line is BabyCarl Linen Baby’s First Pillow created from linen and filled with 100% natural wool which has preserved up to 70% of natural lanolin. To read more about this product line, please click here.

At BabyCarl we don't simply make baby carrying slings. We create better ways for you and your child to experience the world together! Wishing you the best on your parenting journey and lots of positive baby wearing memories!

As Natural as it can get...

Baby & Parent friendly

Developed in cooperation with Physiotherapists

Handmade with Love